• Looking for Trade Law/Policy Experts in/on Indonesia (EU-Indonesia CEPA Negotiation / Implementation)

    August 25, 2017WTI Advisors is assembling a team of three trade policy/law/economics experts to provide analysis and advice on Indonesian law and policy of relevance to the EU-Indonesia CEPA that is currently under negotiation. At least two team members need to speak Bahasa Indonesia. Could this be for you? Send a CV (ideally in EuropeAid or similar format) and cover letter/email to until 4 September 2017.
  • WTI Advisors Seeks to Hire Trade Lawyer With DS, Remedies & IP Experience and Ideally Chinese Language Capabilities

    August 15, 2017WTI Advisors is seeking to hire a young trade lawyer with expertise and experience in WTO/FTA dispute settlement, trade remedies and intellectual property, and who ideally speaks, reads and writes Chinese, to be based in the company's Geneva office. Entrepreneurial spirit and resilience are essential.
  • Looking for Trade Law Experts in/on Korea (EU-Korea FTA Implementation Analysis)

    August 3, 2017WTI Advisors is looking for three int'l trade law/FTA experts - one senior, two juniors - with experience in/on Korea (legislation, legislative and regulatory policy, FTAs). The focus of this assignment is on analysing Korean legal compliance with / implementation of the EU-Korea FTA. Could this be for you? Contact us at, ideally already with a CV, ideally in EuropeAid or similar format, if handy. Be fast - the deadline is 9 August 2017!
  • Looking for Trade Law/Policy Experts with Experience in Argentina

    June 16, 2017WTI Advisors is looking for two trade (law/policy/business) experts with strong experience in and on Argentina. Focus will be on foreign trade interests in/with Argentina. Could be for you? Contact us quickly at, ideally with a CV! (Deadline: 21 June 2017)
  • Advising the ACP Group in Geneva: Looking for Senior Experts with WTO Negotiation Experience

    November 24, 2016For a project team to advise the ACP Group and its members in WTO negotiations in Geneva we are looking for three senior experts: (1) Services & Rules, (2) NAMA & Development/S&D; and (3) Agriculture. Could be for you? Check out the requirements and send us your CV, preferably in EuropeAid format - to: Deadline: 10 December 2016.