Real Market Access for Real LDC Services Exports - Smartening up the Tools (TSDS 2017 / MC11 - Buenos Aires)

December 12, 2017 - 10:45am - 12:15pm

Trade and Development Symposium - Bolsa de Cereales, Buenos Aires

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The future of trade lies in services, and LDCs export many of them. But clearly, not nearly enough. LDCs must have a strong services industry. Without LDCs effectively participating in the world of value chains, servicification and automation, the integrity of the world trading system is in peril. The 2011 LDCs Services Waiver, as much as various FTA negotiations involving services, shifted focus on market access for services, particularly from LDCs. While many other issues including infrastructure, national regulation, financing, business know how and others obviously affect the ability of LDCs to export services, market access in target markets matters greatly.

LDC service providers, wherever they operate, tend to confirm that regulatory, tax, discriminatory treatment and classical market access issues operate as significant, sometimes formidable - and yet avoidable - obstacles to their bona fide trade. The 2011 LDC Services Waiver offers WTO Members the possibility to grant preferences to services imports from LDCs. Since 2013 a process of “operationalization” has been under way. As of 2015 twenty-four WTO Members, including all developed and several developing countries, have detailed their preferences for LDC services through notifications to the WTO. The effective value of the preferences for LDC services exports is under discussion.

UNCTAD has commissioned four pilot studies on what LDCs services and service providers need, whether waiver preferences address this need, and what more can and should be done. This session provides an opportunity for an early discussion in the broader context of market access for LDC services – under GATS, FTAs and unilateral preferences.


Hannes Schloemann

Director, WTI Advisors

is a Director of WTI Advisors Ltd. (Oxford/Geneva), a professional advisory firm focused on trade policy, law and economics, and a Partner with MSBH Bernzen Sonntag Rechtsanwälte. Hannes advises governments, their missions, businesses, NGOs and IGOs on trade law and policy, from... Read More →


Meen Bahadur Bishwakarma

Minister for Commerce, Government of Nepal

Mr. Meen Bahadur Bishwakarma, Minister for Commerce, Government of Nepal, has been serving as Central Working Committee member of Nepali Congress Party, the oldest active democratic political party of Nepal, for 8 years. He is also the President of Nepal Dalit Sangha (a national... Read More →


H. E. Mr. Sultan Chouzour

Ambassador of Comoros to the United Nations and Head of Delegation to the WTO Ministerial Conference (MC11)


Hadil Hijazi

Director, WTI Advisors

Hadil Hijazi is a Director of WTI Advisors Ltd. (Oxford/Geneva), a specialized provider of advisory services on trade law, economics and policy. She advises governments, international organisations, NGOs and others on trade and economic policy. Her practice focuses on trade polic... Read More →

H. E. Mr. Joffre Van-Dunem Junior

H. E. Mr. Joffre Van-Dunem Junior, Minister of Trade, Angola


Mukisa Kituyi

Dr. Mukisa Kituyi is UNCTAD's seventh Secretary-General. Before joining UNCTAD in 2013, Mr. Kituyi was Chief Executive of the Kenya Institute of Governance, and Fellow of the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.. Mr. Kituyi was a member of a team of experts advising the Eas... Read More →

H. E. Mr. Henry Mussa

Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Malawi


Margaret D. Mwanakatwe

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Zambia

Honourable Margaret Dudu Mwanakatwe is an elected member of the Zambian Parliament and currently serving as Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry. Prior to joining politics, she had an illustrious career in the banking sector where she held senior positions including Managing... Read More →


H. E. Mr. Bary Emmanuel Rafatrolaza

Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreing Affairs in charge of Cooperation and Development, Madagascar


Pan Sorasak

Minister of Commerce, Cambodia

Teppo Tauriainen

Director General for Trade, Ministry for Foreign Affairs at Sweden

Mr Tauriainen has been Director General for Trade in Sweden since September 2017. Prior to this assignment, Mr Tauriainen was Deputy Director General and Head of the Americas Department, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, a position he held between 2017-2014. Previously, he se... Read More →