WTI Advisors Offers High-End Professional Services on Trade Policy, Law and Economics.

We provide advice, training, and representation for governments, IGOs, NGOs and businesses on WTO, regional & bilateral agreements.

We do so in whatever format is optimal for the respective client’s needs. Because we believe that in an area as complex as trade policy no situation is like another, designing and implementing innovative forms of delivery has become one of our trademark strengths.

We advise not only on substance but also on process, including consultations, communications, institution building and negotiations.

Our products include, for example:

  • Trade Policy Formulation and Implementation
  • Trade Regulation, Legislative Action Planning
  • Trade Negotiations (Analysis, Intelligence, Strategy)
  • WTO, FTA, Customs Union Accessions
  • Tailor-Made Specialist Trainings
  • Consultative Workshops, Train-the-Trainer
  • Private and Public Sector Stakeholder Consultations
  • Inter-Agency Coordination on Trade Policy
  • Outreach and Awareness Raising on Trade
  • Dispute Settlement in WTO, RTAs, Bilaterals
  • Analyses, Studies, Regulatory Audits
  • Business Strategies on Trade Policy
  • Informed National and International Lobbying

Please let us know if you’d like to discuss your needs, be it as a client, as a donor or as a cooperation partner. We’d be happy to engage.