WTI Advisors is a specialized provider of high-end professional services in international trade policy, law and economics.

WTI Advisors combines a core team of experienced trade practitioners based in Geneva/Oxford with academic and consulting capacity drawn from our global network of trade experts, including from the ranks of the World Trade Institute (WTI) in Berne.

We provide timely, pragmatic and cost-efficient advice, representation and training in the context of trade negotiations, the formulation and implementation of national trade policy and the settlement of disputes. Our clients include governments, in particular from developing countries, international governmental organizations as well as NGOs, trade associations and private businesses. We have specific regional experiences in Europe, ACP countries, South-East Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Our expertise spans virtually all areas of international trade law, policy and economics, within and beyond the World Trade Organization (WTO) context. We are proficient in matters ranging from the Doha Development Agenda to WTO dispute settlement, from GATT to GATS, from trade remedies to trade & competition, from agriculture to NAMA, from market access to domestic regulation, from trade & environment to trade & investment. Specializations within our core team include, for example, services regulation and related policy-making, the design of goods offers and their negotiation, trade and climate change, SPS and TBT, NTBs and trade facilitation, subsidies and government procurement. We have particular expertise in WTO accessions, from observership via bilaterals to pre- and post-accession implementation.

We also cover bilateral and regional trade systems. We advise clients on European Union trade law and policy, including the Euro-Med (Barcelona) process. We have particular expertise on virtually all aspects of the EU's trade relations with the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group, including in-depth knowledge of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) negotiations. We have extensive experience with regional integration processes and agreements such as SADC, Pacific Islands Forum, ASEAN and CARICOM.

WTI Advisors combines professionalism and academic excellence. We lecture and publish regularly on international trade matters. Our partners include the World Trade Institute, one of the finest post-graduate institutes in the area of international trade.

WTI Advisors is an Oxford-based UK company with a major branch office in Geneva, Switzerland.