Publications and Appearances

While most of our products are client confidential, WTI Advisors and members of its core team publish and speak regularly on matters related to trade policy, law and economics.

The following selection gives an overview of such publications and appearances. For more details on individual members of the team, including their publications & appearances, consult their bios on the People page.


  • WTO Compatibility of the EU Seal Regime: Why Public Morality is Enough (but May not Be Necessary) - The WTO Disput Settlement Case "European Communities - Measures Prohibiting the Importation and Marketing of Seal Products," C. Tietje/G. Kraft/M. Lehmann (eds.), Beiträge zum Transnationalen Wirtschaftsrecht, Vol. 118 (2012), available here (Christian Pitschas and Hannes Schloemann)

  • The LDC Services Waiver: Making it Work, Bridges Africa, Vol. 1, Issue 4, August/September 2012, available here (Hannes Schloemann) 

  • Not-So-Voluntary Labelling in the WTO Tuna-Dolphin Dispute, Bridges Trade BioRes Review, Volume 5, Number 3, November 2011; available here. (Marie Wilke, ICTSD, and Hannes Schloemann)

  • Weiterentwicklung des Emissionshandels unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Massnahmen betreffend energieintensive Industrien, published by Ecologic-Institute, Berlin, June 2010 (co-authored by Christian Pitschas)

  • Cutting the Regulatory Edge? Services Regulation Disciplines in the CARIFORUM EPA, in: GTZ, How to Ensure Development Friendly EPAs, 2009 – Lessons Across Regions; available online in English and French (authored by Hannes Schloemann & Christian Pitschas)

  • Understanding and Managing the Notification of EPAs to the WTO: A Manual for ACP Delegations, the ACP Group in Geneva, 2009 (co-authored by Hadil Hijazi)

  • Does Cotonou Require IP Chapters in EPAs? A Legal Reality Check, published by GTZ, 2008; available on the GIZ/GTZ website in English (authored by Hannes Schloemann)

  • GATT Article XXIV and Asymmetric Rules of Origin: Could it work for EPAs? published by GTZ, 2008; available on the GIZ/GTZ website in English (authored by Hadil Hijazi)

  • TRIPS plus and TRIPS minus in EPAs: An Article-by-Article Analysis of the 2007 Draft SADC EPA, published by GTZ, 2008; available on the GIZ/GTZ website in English (authored by Hannes Schloemann)

  • Special Safeguard Mechanisms in Agriculture. Drawing Inspiration from the TDCA and the Cariforum EPA, published by GTZ, 2008, available on the GIZ/GTZ website in English (authored by Christian Pitschas)

  • Brazil Tyres: Policy Space Confirmed under GATT Article XX(Note On the Recent WTO Appellate Body Report in Brazil – Retreaded Tyres), original English published in Bridges Monthly (February 2008). Versions of this article also published in Spanish as El caso Brasil-neumáticos: se confirma el espacio de política en el marco del Artículo XX del GATT, Puentes Bimestral (March 2008) and in Portuguese as Caso dos pneus: o artigo XX do GATT deixa espaço para políticas nacionais?, Pontes (February 2008) – all online at (authored by Hannes Schloemann).

  • Preparing for Negotiations on the Liberalization of Services and Investment: A Vademecum for Consultations, Palestinian Federation of Industries, 2007 (authored by Hadil Hijazi & Hannes Schloemann).


  • Trade Facilitation – Concepts, Disciplines and Implementation Challenges for Africa, Kigali, Rwanda, 26 October 2010 (Hadil Hijazi)

  • FTAs as a Tool to Establish Business Hubs, Lima Chamber of Commerce, Lima, Peru, 13 October 2010 (Hadil Hijazi)

  • Strengthening of the Higher Education Sector: TA to the Law Faculty, Addis Ababa University, in support of Ethiopia’s WTO accession process, TradeCom Best Practices workshop, Brussels, 12 October 2010 (Christian Pitschas)

  • Services in the EU-CARIFORUM Economic Partnership Agreement: Lessons for Developing Countries, Conference: Regional Trade Agreements: The Fragmentation of International Trade Law, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, May 2010 (Hannes Schloemann).

  • RTA Challenges for Transition Economies: CEFTA 2006, Study Tour for Kosovo Trade Officials to Geneva, 20 May 2010 (Christian Pitschas)

  • Arab Countries and Dispute Settlement System(s): WTO, Regional Agreements, Bilateral Agreements, WTO Regional Seminar for Arab Countries on Dispute SettlementRules, Procedures and Practices and WTO Dispute Settlement Negotiations, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 28 April 2010 (Hadil Hijazi)

  • Relationship between Vietnam’s Protocol of Accession and the WTO Agreement: China – Audiovisual Products, Dispute Settlement training for Vietnamese officials, Geneva, 10 May 2010 (Christian Pitschas)

  • Compatibility of EPAs with WTO Rules, Accra, Ghana, 8 February 2010 (Hadil Hijazi)

  • Liability of the EU for Non-Compliance with WTO Commitments?The Geneva Trade and Development Symposium, 2 December 2009 (Christian Pitschas)

  • Special and Differential or Equal and Equitable? Systemic Logic and the Tailored Integration of DCs and LDCs into the World Trading System, session at the 2009 WTO Public Forum organized by WTI Advisors and the World Trade Institute, September 2009 (panel chaired by Hannes Schloemann).

  • Climate-change policies and trade rules: Conflict or coherence?,session at the 2009 WTO Public Forum organized by CIEL & Friends of the Earth, September 2009 (Hannes Schloemann as speaker).,

  • Maßnahmen zur Verhinderung von „Carbon Leakage“ und ihre Vereinbarkeit mit dem WTO-Recht, 14. Außenwirtschaftsrechtstag 2009 – ZAR Münster, Münster, Germany, September 2009 (Hannes Schloemann).